Mobile workflow Solution

When you sign up with us we will firstly assess your current processes and give recommendations.  Based on a Business Work Process, LionGate Solutions will configure the system and integrate your accounting package (such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage).  There are a large number of reports available we will also show you how to customise the reports.  Training is given to all users and we provide on-going system support.


We implement and support the  MobiWork┬«  Mobile Workforce Solution.  They are a leading provider of smartphone and cloud-based mobile workforce software solutions for any business with employees in the field.  This solution delivers increased productivity, cost savings, real-time visibility, rich data capture and exchange, improved customer engagement and satisfaction. It is easy to use and provides the entire organisation (employees in the field, office workforce & customers) with everything they need before, during and after each job.


Assess the Business Work Process

An inventory of all business processes will be taken and documented before being analysed with a view to be improved and / or streamlined. In this process roles are defined which will assist with assigning responsibilities and accountability.

A documented business process describes:

  • Which activities are performed in the course of a process.
  • Which organisational units participate in the process execution
  • What input and output data are used.
  • What IT systems are involved.
  • Which events and risks occur during process execution.

System Configuration

The MobiWork system will be configured based on the Company Business Work Process.  Part of the configuration is to ensure that processes are automated as far as possible to reduce human intervention.

All specified electronic forms that will be used by the client is completed and implemented during these activities.


Setting up the Integration

The Mobiwork system can be integrated with an electronic accounting package such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage.



There are a large number of developed reports available to users.  New clients are being made aware of these reports and how to customise reports included in this activity is customising the management information dashboard.



Training is provided for all new users. The system has been designed and developed for maximum user-friendliness. Training activities will address system functionality, but more emphasis will be placed on business process training.   A system administrator need to be appointed by the client. This system administrator will be trained in system configuration, user administration and the drawing of electronic forms.


On-Going System Support

LionGate Solution is the first-line support for any problems occurred. This support includes system problems and business process malfunctions.   As time goes by and clients get to learn and understand the power of the MobiWork system, the more needs will be identified. More and better refinement may be required. 

LionGate Solutions is available as consultant for improvement and further development.   

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