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This video explains why your company could benefit from a Mobile Workforce Solution

Currently many field service companies use paper in the field which  creates problems such as delays, inaccuracies and lost or unreadable paper forms. 

A Mobile Workflow Solution is intended for companies that need to manage field workers.  This solution creates seamless communication with the office and field staff with real-time updates through a web cloud application and mobile. 

At LionGate we implement and support the  MobiWork®  Mobile Workforce Solution.  They are a leading provider of smartphone and cloud-based mobile workforce software solutions for any business with employees in the field.  


LionGate Academy and Consulting was initiated by the CEO and Technical Director, Pieter Coetzer.

Pieter graduated from university at the end of 1979 with an Honours-degree in Industrial Psychology. This lead to the start of a career in Human Resources Management. Working in all functionalities of HRM, Pieter ended in the training section of a well-known banking group’s IT Department. There he was introduced the world of computing. Pieter was fascinated by computing and learned as much as possible about computing.

When opportunity knocked, he resigned his position as Training Manager to attend programming school. A change in career followed.

Starting of as a programmer, Pieter enrolled again at university and obtained a Masters’ Degree in Information Systems from the University of Pretoria. His career progressed from programming to system implementation. With systems implementation Pieter was introduced to the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. His career progressed to Project Manager and later as Program Manager.

Pieter gained international experience by working in most southern African countries up to Tanzania. Also working experience in the Islamic Republic of Iran (7 months) and the Federal Republic of Russia (2 years).

The last 4 years of his career was spend at his previous banking employer as a Project Manager where he gained experience in credit card systems.

Pieter took early retirement in February 2017 to pursue own business interest. He co-founded an investment company, but he always yearned for his passion – IT systems.

Pieter was first introduced to digital mobile workforce at the start of 2019. The system is based on ERP principles and was thus natural fit to Pieters’ prior experience. But there was still the need to run and manage his own business. To this end he teamed up with an old school friend/business partner of the investment company to start LionGate Academy and Consulting. The name indicates two important focus points – training (Academy) and systems (Consulting).

LionGate Solutions embrace the fourth industrial revolution of paperless digital systems in the cloud.  

J Cloete

Jasper Cloete is the Financial Director of Liongate Academy and Consulting.


Jasper obtained a BSc Honns at the University of Pretoria followed by an MBA at the University of Stellenbosch. He worked in management and senior management for entities such as Somchem (propellent manufacturer in the Denel group – old Armscor), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), SA Housing Trust and the Business Partners.


In 1992 he left the corporate world and started off on his own entrepreneurial journey. This journey led to the establishment of African Markets for the NeoLife group, the establishment of their family owned guesthouse and conference centre, Eagle’s Nest in Fourways and the establishment of the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) which in turn led to the establishment of a registered community bank – GIG CFI. In 2017 he co-founded the Community Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and in 2018 and in 2018 co-founded an investment company GIG Wealth with Pieter Coetzer, an old school friend and CEO of Liongate Academy and Consulting.

His corporate and entrepreneurial journey has led him to have great appreciation for the need of ALL Companies and Enterprises to embrace the 4IR and ensure their entities are ready for the digital age. When Pieter introduced him to the Mobiwork Software Solution he recognised the great benefit it could have for companies to do a painless and fast transition to a digital system and become more efficient and profitable.


He is committed to assist Pieter and the management to make Liongate Academy and Consulting the supplier of choice to ALL companies and enterprises in South Africa serious about converting their entities into the digital age.