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Many companies are LOSING MONEY and WASTING VALUABLE time 

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The impact a Digital Mobile Workforce Solution could have on your business

This video explains how your business could benefit from a Mobile Workforce Solution

Companies that are still operating on pen-and-paper based systems are in the majority and their systems are error-prone. These manual systems hinder agility and productivity. Manual systems include waiting for service teams to return back to the office, submit paperwork which is fed into an excel spreadsheet. Resolving disputes based on these manual systems can be cumbersome.

To overcome some of these problems, workflows can be combined into a single app that is available both online and offline. An app for a mobile workforce solution will provide service teams with real-time work order information to improve customer service.

Implementing a digital mobile workforce solution have several advantages. The impact can best be expected in the following areas: (this list is not extensive, but the most important areas are considered)

  • Improved process efficiency
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Mobility
  • Customized business information
  • Increased productivity

Implementing a Mobile Workforce Solution

A digital mobile workforce solution provides for access to data in a centralised database from anywhere and from any device such as laptops, tablets or cell phones. This increases productivity as information is accessible no matter where the user is situated.


We implement and support the  MobiWork®  Mobile Workforce Solution.  

They are a leading provider of smartphone and cloud-based mobile workforce software solutions for any business with employees in the field.  This solution delivers increased productivity, cost savings, real-time visibility, rich data capture and exchange, improved customer engagement and satisfaction. It is easy to use and provides the entire organisation (employees in the field, office workforce & customers) with everything they need before, during and after each job.

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we will firstly assess your current processes and give recommendations.  Based on a Business Work Process, LionGate Solutions will configure the system and integrate your accounting package (such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage).  There are a large number of reports available we will also show you how to customise the reports.  Training is given to all users and we provide on-going system support ..... 


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